To dough, or not to dough

My obsession with bread began in 2017 while backpacking through Europe when local breads became a part of my everyday breakfast. I returned to Mumbai hoping to find decent breads made using good, simple and local ingredients but found none. I complained about it but I never really thought of making it at home until the pandemic hit and I was forced to stop all my design projects.

For some reason, I was very reluctant to make my starter. I believed I needed some kind of superior flour to create it and kept waiting for organic flour businesses to open back up. But the lockdown didn’t seem any close to ending so I made my mother dough using a very basic brand of atta. It worked just fine!

The first 2 months of my sourdough experiments were frustrating to say the least. I didn’t bake a single decent bread and if it weren’t for the initial no-work lockdown days, I probably would’ve given up after two tries. With so much time on my hands and my anxiety looming over me, I needed something to obsess about and this was it. I would spend hours reading blogs, exploring recipes and watching videos on the subject.

Above are pictures of my first 5 breads. They were all almost inedible and I hate wasting but I also felt bad making my family eat these terrible breads so I would often just toast them and eat them myself.

The one thing I’m glad I did at the beginning of my sourdough journey is to create an anonymous instagram account where I shared all my trials. (Anonymous because I was embarrassed of sharing my bad breads + I have a bad habit of starting a hobby and not sticking to it.) I became part of a wonderful community of people who helped me to not give up after my initial bad breads. They inspired me to keep experimenting. Fast forward today, I’m obsessed and I have a feeling that this obsession is here to stay. 🙂

Next, I’ll introduce you to Mr. Voldoughmort. Stay tuned!