Life is delicious!

Hey guys! I’m Shweta and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably been following my baking journey from the past year and you probably know how obsessed I’ve become. 🙂 I’m so happy you’re here and I hope you learn something from my journey! ✨

I decided to create this blog when I moved to Pondicherry earlier this month and for some unfortunate reason, found out that my Airbnb isn’t going to have an oven. I was pretty upset by the thought of not baking for a month and was itching to make bread again! So, I decided move my focus to exploring the delicious breads and pastries this little town has to offer while also *desperately* reaching out to local bakeries for a chance to maybe assist them or use their oven. More about this in my next posts!

This blog is dedicated to everything bread/pastries/sourdough and probably food in general! I’ll share recipes of what I make but I’ll also talk about the local cuisines I try while travelling. Maybe even some food history stuff and cocktails… you get the gist 😀

I’m SO excited about this! From pizza to natas, I want to make and eat it all! Life is delicious and my heart is b u r s t i n g .

If you’d like to say hi, talk to me about sourdough or even send some recipe requests, reach out to me at


Author: Shweta Patil

Designer - Sourdough baker - Foodie - Potter

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